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ALL RISK - Trust In Pete Ippel
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When I was in the hospital in November 2010 I was put in a section that provided extra care for its patients. There was FALL PRECAUTION and FALL RISK...the problem was that my wrists were so skinny that it was impossible to see the text on my plastic bracelet...

So in order to make the bracelet function, rather than just being a yellow band, I really wanted to cut the extra flap off...

My dad spent the day looking for something to cut it off with, and we ran out of options, and I was a bit low on I helped him hold the other side of the flap, and he went at it with a nail file.

We sawed and hacked through that vinyl cuff, and out came a message of inspiration...


I've kept that yellow and black bracelet on my arm to remind myself to tell people I love them, to keep in mind it's ok to dream about riding that bike ride in a year...

To go out of my way to say thank share.

Once you learn to make choices, you're an artist. Figuring out priorities becomes clearer, and it's pretty easy to decide anything.

Just look at the possibilities, and no matter who you are, or how much you plan (which helps a lot!) the unexpected happens...embrace's ALL RISK.

I take the question marks in my life and bend them into exclamation points. I am Pete Ippel, the human interrobang. ?

I challenge you to find a more valuable investment than to support this Ippel Portfolio Opportunity (IPO)

I assure you it is ALL RISK, and that's exactly what you want.

Thank you for your continued support.
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